​Ventilation allows for effective moisture control when designed properly. Improperly vented crawl spaces may intensify biological contaminations such as mold and other fungi.

System failures (i.e., plumbing, water heater and HVAC leaks) over the life of your home are probable.  Automatic vents help to deal with the moisture and biological contamination that can occur following such an event.

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According to the EPA, the way to control mold is to control moisture. ​

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We all know that foundation vents always should be open in temperatures above 70°F and closed below 40°F, but honestly, how many of us remember to do this?


Is your crawl space suffering from:

  • Loss of energy efficiency
  • Old/Broken foundation vents
  • Rodents
  • Insects
  • Dampness
  • Wood decay
  • Poor air flow
  • Mold or other fungi

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Moisture problems in the crawl space can cause many costly consequences, including structural damage.  A properly designed automatic vented crawl space is the answer.

Automatic Foundation Vents
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